KSI corp: the major Russian gambling equipment manufacturer.

   About us

The company ZAO “Forsage” under trade mark “KSI Corporation” is Russia’s largest operator and manufacturer of gaming machines. We develop, manufacture, and lease casino and gaming hall equipment and provide appropriate technical support.

     We were the first to start this business in Russia, the first to start manufacturing our own gaming machines and the first to enter the international market.

          The company’s monthly turnover includes 1,500 to 2,000 gaming machines operating in various parts of the world. We employ over two hundred best engineers and programmers who develop new games. Every year the KSI Corporation releases at least 15 new games for those who enjoy intellectual games of chance. The company has set up a training center for owners, managers and officers of gaming halls who have opted in favor of KSI Corporation products and wish to use these most effectively. Today the KSI Corporation manufactures five thousand units of gaming equipment a year. Our company is not only the leading manufacturer, but also a very successful operator of the gaming market in Russia where it operates 40,000 gaming machines.

          KSI Corporation products are operated both in small gaming halls and the world’s largest casinos. We are open to everyone who wants to play it fair and have a good time.